Wicklow Inn-to-Inn Ride

Horseback Riding in Ireland

County Wicklow, on the east coast of Ireland, is lush, green and beautiful. With its spectacular views of the Irish Sea from the many green hilltops and mountain tops, this area is known as the "Garden of Ireland." This horseback riding vacation takes you through County Wicklow's diverse countryside, along river banks, over rugged mountains, through huge pine forests and along gentle lake shores.

This is one of the most historically important areas of Ireland. The many lakes and shores in the valley are magnificent during the day. At night when a fog rolls in, the ghosts of ancient Celts seem to rise out of the dark blue waters.

Riders will have the opportunity to see medieval tower houses, built to provide protection for the Norman lords from the Celtic warrior bands which roamed the area looking for a fight. Knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced guides will provide information about the ecology, the myths and legends and the history of the area. This is a fantastic place for trail riding. It combines great natural beauty, a long and interesting history and lovely local people.

The horses you will ride are fit and fully capable of negotiating the terrain. Over the six days and six nights of the trail, riders will tour between four and five hours each day. All riders are expected to be able to walk, trot and canter in open country with confidence and control. There are several optional jumps along the trail.

Each night, riders will enjoy a delicious meal, a refreshing drink, a hot shower or bath and a change of clothes. Luggage will be waiting at each stop. The accommodations are warm, comfortable and welcoming. Each guest house provides a unique experience and an opportunity to meet the Irish at home.

As Dublin is so close, you may want to plan a trip to Ireland's greatest city before or after your trail ride.

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