Horseback Riding Dressage Training in England

Yorkshire, England

Christopher Bartle and his sister, Jane Bartle-Wilson, offer a training program at Yorkshire Riding Centre for every level of dressage rider including novice. Jane and Christopher are two of the world's great dressage riders. Jane was Britain's National Champion in 1983 and 1986 as was Christopher in 1984 and 1985. Jane is a member of Britain's Dressage Team and currently their coach. Christopher placed sixth at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics with his famous horse, Willy Trout. Christopher was also a member of the Gold Medal British Eventing Team in 1997 and is also well known in the eventing world for his win at the Badminton Three-Day Event in 1998 aboard Word Perfect. Christopher is currently the trainer to the German National Eventing Team.

The customized one week riding program offers two options, one including sixteen lessons taught by Jane or Christopher and advanced instructors. The basic program offers eleven lessons with advanced instructors. Riders train in groups of three, and in private sessions, and are given a one hour lecture and demonstration daily on dressage theory or stable management. A program of lessons exclusively with Christopher or Jane can be arranged at additional cost. This is an opportunity for riders to be immersed in dressage under some of the world's best instructors.

Accommodations are in the guest house located on the grounds of the centre. The centre keeps horses of many levels including a number of advanced dressage mounts. The Centre maintains two indoor schools, one outdoor arena as well as jumping facilities including a cross country training course.

The Yorkshire Riding Centre is located in Yorkshire, one of the most beautiful areas in England. After riding, guests may enjoy the tennis courts, ride bikes, watch training videos, visit Harrogate and nearby villages and explore the historic beauty of Yorkshire. Non-riders are welcome to accompany riders.

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