Scotland's Lochs and Forests Trail

Those who know Scotland often think of the lochs, forests and glens of the beautiful countryside. It is in this harsh but romantic landscape that much of what defines the Scottish people was formed. It is here that many battles were fought by the Scots against invading Vikings and English as well as against rival clans. It is in the Scottish countryside that the great landscape painters of Scotland came to work and the great poets came for inspiration. It is over this wonderful and evocative land that you will travel.

This is a six night, five day horseback riding tour located at Brenfield, Ardrishaig, situated near the eastern end of the Crinan Canal. The trail takes you over a hundred mile circular route through the beautiful lochs and forests of the Mid-Argyll region. The route incorporates the history of the famous Kilmartin Glen, exciting beach gallops and evenings in front of a roaring fire and perhaps, a "wee dram of whisky."

The area is rich in the history of Scotland and in pre-historic sites and artifacts. On some parts of the ride, you can imagine tartan-clad Scottish warriors swarming out of the hills with their faces painted blue and their much-feared Claymore's (swords) flashing through the mist. But you can also imagine a young couple hiking hand-in-hand up into the hills to look over the land that all Scots love so well.

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