Scotland's Rob Roy Inn-to-Inn Trail

Travel through the West Highlands along many of the same trails that the famous Rob Roy used for stealing cattle and escaping the law. You will travel along Loch Leven and see the same scenery used in the film Rob Roy. You will travel along hidden trails which, at one time, were known only to Rob Roy and members of his clan. Much of the scenery is the same as it was over two hundred years ago.

The horses are usually of mixed breeding and are sturdy enough to handle this rugged terrain. There is something magical about crossing an ancient land on a horse in the company of fellow horsemen and horsewomen. You seem to be transported back to when humankind was far more dependent on horses than now.

You will stay in a variety of types of accommodations including an historic drover's inn dating from 1708. You will also stay at a Hostelry located at the head of Glen Coe. Glen Coe was the scene of one of the most infamous incidents in Scottish history, the Massacre at Glen Coe. You will also end the day at a fascinating fortified stable. This rare bit of architecture is a reminder of just how war-like Scotland's past was and how important horses and cattle were.

You will ride through Glen Kinglass with its ruggedly beautiful views and abundance of wildlife. You may be able to see Roe Deer, Red Deer, grouse and the rare Golden Eagle. The views of the glens seem to be right out of a coffee table book: forests, heather covered hills, meandering streams and moss covered rocks.

On the last day of the trail, you ride in the lands surrounding the famous Inveraray Castle, the ancestral home of the Duke of Argyll, Chief of the Clan Campbell.

Riders should be able to walk, trot and canter in an open field with confidence and control to enjoy this fascinating and exciting trail.

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