Italy's Roman Estate Trail Ride

The large estate, I Due Laghi, is a four-star charming and comfortable hotel, offering a vacation package of three days of horseback training and two days of trail riding, as well as golfing, biking, tennis, hiking, sightseeing and swimming in season.

The I Due Laghi Centre is a British Horse Society approved equestrian center, the first approved in Italy. The estate extends for nearly 400 acres between the two lakes of Bracciano and Martignano, inside the homonymous National Park, where horses, cows, goats and sheep graze, according to a tradition existing for a thousand years. In the two sand arenas, in the grass field arena or on the four cross-country courses and on the mild hills of the estate you may have the option of dressage, show jumping or cross-country lessons or trail riding.

On Tuesday afternoon you will visit the 15th century Castle Odescalchi in Bracciano (also accessible by car). On Wednesday you have the opportunity to spend a day in Rome (40 minutes by train to arrive at St. Peter's Basilica). On Thursday and Friday you will have fascinating trail riding in the heart of Tuscia countryside to discover the area where the Etruscans and the Ancient Romans fought and lived during the 5th, 4th and 3rd centuries B.C., until the Romans overcame and soon very well spent their peaceful and static way of living; the bridges and paved roads with big stones (basolato) of the Romans represent well their dynamic way of living, mostly "on the roads", to conquer other people. You will see the tombs, the bridges, and the paved roads. I Due Laghi is located in Tuscia (also called Upper Latium or Southern Etruria), between Rome and Tuscany. This land is a very special mix of history and nature, art and landscape, myth and mysticism. When the Roman Empire fell (5th century A.D.) this land was run by Barbarians such as Goti, Visigoti, Longobardi and Franchi up to and including Middle Ages, and afterwards by the noble Roman families in the Renaissance and Baroque period (15th, 16th and 17th centuries). History was always crossing Tuscia, leaving such big and impressive architectural sites as watchtowers (13th century), castles (13th and 15th centuries), the dead city (17th century) that you will see, in an overwhelming atmosphere, the result of all those civilizations who wanted to capture (but they were captured instead!) the spirit and the spell of the millennium history of Rome.

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