Hunt Seat Jumping Training Tip

Here is a great tip to successfully jump the simple way from Paul Lindsay, currently training at his facility in upstate New York.

People make jumping far too complicated always looking for "the spot", having the right release, wondering if they are going forward enough over the fenceā€¦ All this results in is far too tight and uptight a rider making too many adjustments and usually getting ahead of the movement and upsetting the horses balance at the crucial time of take off.

Good jumping is in the art of developing and maintaining the best quality canter possible for you and your horse to and over the fence especially through your corners. Pick your line and while looking at a point beyond the fence ride the horse through the distance. Let the fence come to you, as it surely must, in a good canter and when the horse cannot fit in any more strides he will elevate his stride and jump the fence. Stay in the middle of the horses balance, both in timing and in body movement, while he jumps, absorbing the horses upward movement in the ankle, knee, hip and waist while the horse goes through all phases of the jump. In short to follow the movement in a fluid fashion, balanced over a secure but soft lower leg rather then anticipate what way the horse is likely to jump and go into a pre-programmed position. With the independent hand this allows you will find that the horse simply takes as much hand as is needed as he bascules over the fence.

Keep it simple, and make it fun. Good luck and good jumping!

Paul Lindsay

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