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Higher Chilcott Farm Countryside Trail

The West Country of England is one of the greatest horseback riding areas of the world. Exmoor is in the middle of this area. Riders stay at Higher Chilcott Farm, the home of John and "Bobbie" Bullman. Both husband and wife are well respected in the British equestrian community. Their wealth of experience translates into excellent trail horses.

From the farm, riders venture out into Exmoor National Park. The moors are beautiful during the day but eerie when the sun goes down. When a fog blows in from the nearby sea, it is as if the ghosts of ancient Romans, Celts, Saxons, Vikings and Normans have returned.

As you ride through Exmoor, you may see the famous ponies pictured on this page. These wild ponies have lived on the moors for thousands of years. On Exmoor, they continue to live in their natural habitat protected by law. Many species of birds and mammals also inhabit this natural preserve.

You will visit the village of Dulverton. This town has existed since the 11th Century. The 1400 inhabitants of the quaint village are proud of its history and ancient buildings. The village of Dulverton is also proud of its magnificent and ancient castle which still stands guard over the tiny village. But the trip is not all history and scenery.

The terrain of Exmoor allows for fast gallops, long canters and trots and even a swim with your horse. You will be spending several hours each day in the saddle, so plan to be hungry.

You will have breakfast and dinner at the farm, on some days you will have lunch in a pub. Each night you will return to Higher Chilcott Farm to the hospitality of English country life.

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