Costa Rica's Pacific Paradise Ride

Trail & Beach Horseback Riding

Naturalists have long marveled at the extraordinary beauty and diversity of ecosystems of Costa Rica. Situated in Central America between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica boasts 800 known species of sea and land birds, giant leatherback turtles, Howler monkeys and the adorable white faced Capuchin monkeys.

The horseback riding trail explores the west coast of Costa Rica in the sparsely populated province of Guanacaste, along the Pacific Ocean. It is the ancient volcanoes which formed the magnificent mountain range and the beautiful beaches along which you will ride.

This horseback riding trip takes riders along fifty different beaches. Some beaches are white while others are black. All are interesting. You will ride along beaches where pirates stashed their loot and weapons. You will ride along country trails lined with "Sangre de Toro" trees with their magnolia type flowers.

Along the trail, you will see the nesting areas of giant turtles. It is here that the giant turtles come to lay their eggs every year between November and March. You will pass small fishing villages and get a chance to see the day's catch. In the trees, you will see macaws, parrots, Spanish moss, and monkeys. You will pass through teak and mango plantations and some of the most beautiful natural scenery on earth. Remember to bring your swimsuit because one of the most popular features of this ride is a swim in the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean with your horse.

The horses you will ride are the Criollo. They are of mixed breeding and many have the blood of the Spanish horses which were brought from the Old World by the Conquistadors in the Sixteenth Century. The accommodations are in hotels and guest houses. The rooms have private baths and several feature views of the Pacific Ocean and many have swimming pools.

Many riders want to spend and extra day or two and take a canopy tour to see Costa Rica from above ground.

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