Scotland’s Argyll Castle Trail

Robert the Bruce. Rob Roy. Mary Queen of Scots. Bonnie Prince Charlie. Robert Burns. These are the names of the Highlands of Scotland. This is a place where rugged and tenacious people resisted all attempts at conquest. Here myths and legends of tartan clad warriors and poets filled a mysterious and romantic land.

The Highlands is one of the most beautiful parts of the British Isles. The purple heather, the crisp blue sky, the green hills and the gray rocks have inspired writers and painters for centuries. This is an area of historic importance with ruins of the Iron Age and Bronze Age and great natural beauty. Much of the land is inaccessible to the automobile, but not to the horse.

Your horseback riding tour will take you through hills and glens, across streams, past ancient ruins and along lochs. On a clear day, horseback riders may be able to see the Hebrides Islands lying just off Scotland's west coast. The pace will be fast where the terrain permits and slow when necessary. You may either jump or go around stone walls and ditches that you encounter along the way. This exciting trail includes a brisk gallop along the beach. You might even take a swim with your horse.

Your horse will be a Scottish hunter, native Highland, or cob. These fit horses have strength and stamina to tackle this formidable terrain. All riders should be able to walk, trot, and canter in open country with confidence and control.

The six day/seven night horseback riding vacation package includes your horse and tack, an experienced guide, luggage transfer along the trail, most meals and accommodations with ensuite bathrooms. Training and trail riding combinations can also be arranged. Additionally shorter trail rides can be arranged.

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