Greece's Kefalonia Island Trail

The Ionian Islands are blessed with snow white beaches, white cliffs and lush green land that is the direct result of the rain that falls between October and March around Corfu. Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands and is naturally wealthy and fertile with famous produce such as robola (its local wine), honey and the local soft cheese, myzithra. It has a rich cultural heritage related to music, literature and in the west the Italian influence is evident.

Many have described Kefalonia as the island of Paradoxes, this is due to its strange geological phenomena such as the strange occurrence near Argostoli where thousands of tons of seawater ceaselessly pour into Katavothres and disappear into the earth. The highlights of the island are its superb sandy beaches, picturesque fishing harbors and interesting hiking trails that are found between the lush vegetation of olive and cypress trees and its magical caves (Melissani and Drogarati) that are famous for their excellent acoustics. The famous opera singer Maria Callas once sang in the Drogarati cave.

Kefalonia is one of the largest Ionian Islands of Greece consisting of high mountains with green valleys and rivers and streams with crystal clear waters that come from the top of Mount Ainos. The view from the monasteries will take you breath away as well as the magnificent colors of the hidden caves and old ruined villages.

The most southern coast provides a home ground to the famous Caretta-Caretta loggerhead turtles while on the northern coastline resides the Manachus-Manachus Mediterranean monk seal.

You will ride on well trained Haflingers and Bavarian Warmbloods with their sturdy ability to ride through the mountainous areas and old donkey trails. Gallop on the beaches, through olive groves and spend some time swimming with your horse.

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