Peru’s Coast to Nazca Ride

For those that want to experience the mountains and the beaches of Peru, this is the perfect ride. After a tour of Lima, you begin your ride in the remote village of Vinak, about a four and half hour drive south and east. Arriving at your private luxury eco lodge, you will be amazed at the views from its perched position on the top of a hillside.

Vinak has long been a favorite destination of Lima residents as it is the ideal place to get out of the city and enjoy the natural landscape at its best. There are endless miles of roads and tracks for fun and active trail riding on either the Peruvian Quarter Horses or the majestic Peruvian Paso. Situated around a deep valley whose river runs to the Pacific Ocean, this area is replete with lush vegetation and fields of wildflowers await you each day as you ascend to the top of the hillside trails and breath in the view for miles in all directions.

The area is also exceptional for hiking and mountain biking. Should you have a traveling companion that prefers a two footed version of sightseeing or if you are looking for more activity after your rides each day, there is something for everyone.

After a few days exploring Vinak and the surrounding area, you are taken by vehicle to the famous and mystical area of Ica. Your base will be the lovely and verdant Huacachina Oasis, and it is truly that! This is an area of sand dunes, coastline and the mysterious Nazca Lines. The city of Ica is a true treasure and you will enjoy exploring the desert area as two million years ago it was actually an ocean and there are marine fossils of prehistoric pelicans and whale-eating sharks buried in the dunes. The entire area is a strange mix of barren desert and abundant sea.

During the days you will spend in this area you will enjoy the wonderful chance for long canters in the dunes and frolicking in the sea spray. The horses are agile and forward moving and enjoy the wide open spaces.

A national tradition and of great pride to Peruvians is their native drink, the Pisco Sour. It is a grape brandy and when made by the staff on this trip, it is a very refreshing end to a day of riding. This arid area is the wine basin of Peru and home to the Pisco Sour. The centuries old systems of irrigation use underground water supplies and after the Spanish introduced grape stocks in the 1550s, the Peruvians perfected the growing process and industry.

This trip also includes a tour to see the incredible Nazca lines from the air. As it never rains on the Peruvian coast, the remarkable Nazca Lines have survived centuries, preserving the secrets of an ancient culture. This collection of geoglyphs, comprising more than 70 human figures and stylized animals, and 10,000 lines, was first noticed from the air in 1927. Etched into the plains between 500BC and AD500, debate continues about their original purpose – giant astronomical calendar, ceremonial center, or alien landing strip – the remain one of the world’s great archaeological mysteries.

Dates (6 day / 5 night program): June 7-12, June 28-July 3, July 19-24, Aug. 9-14, Aug.30-Sept. 4, Sept. 20-25, Oct. 10-15

Rate: $1,890.00 USD per person sharing (Single Supplement: $270.00 USD)

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