Hungary's Castles and Lipizzaner Trail

Ever since the Middle Ages, Hungarians have been known as incredible horsemen. In fact, the name of the people and the country is derived from the belief (probably false) that they and their ancestors were the Huns, the nomadic horsemen who terrified Europe with their invincible military horsemanship.

Today, Hungary can lay claim to two incredible breeds of modern sport horses; the famous Lipizzaners and the somewhat lesser-known Kisber. This trail riding vacation is designed so that riders can ride both breeds in their native countryside.

You will enjoy long gallops on open fields, through forests and along the many streams and canals that cover the landscape. The scenery is magnificent; the people are friendly and the food is delicious. You will ride the elegant Lipizzaner through the wine country of Hungary. From the hill-tops of this countryside, you can see hundreds of acres of vineyards.

You will stay in Pokvar Castle, an authentic Hungarian castle along the way, and a spa hotel in the baroque town of Eger with its narrow streets and quaint buildings. In Eger, you can visit the spa to soothe away tired muscles and indulge in a little relaxation before a walk around this historic town.

As an optional side trip, you may choose to visit the beautiful, cultured city of Budapest and take a boat ride on the Danube River. You can also choose the option to visit Vienna and the famous Spanish Riding School and see the high level movements of the Lipizzaners displayed in the elegant riding school.

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