Texas Natural Horsemanship & Roundup Trail

The area surrounding Graham in West Texas is cattle country. It is rugged and beautiful all times of the year. The historic Brazos River flows through it, Great Blue Herons fly over it and Texas Longhorns call it home. This is the area where John Wayne rode and the famous movie “Sons of Katie Elder” was filmed. It is the Texas of legend.

This vacation allows riders to experience western riding with real Texas cowboys. You will learn the art of Natural Horsemanship, designed to build the relationship and mutual respect between horse and handler.

You will learn how to herd cattle and will actually work a herd of either Corriente or Texas Longhorns. Both breeds have a significant place in the history of both Texas and Mexico. You will learn how to gather a herd, how to hold a herd, how to sort out certain individuals from the herd and how to move the herd from place-to-place. It is fun and exciting. The act of learning to herd cattle is a great way to improve your horsemanship and build your confidence as a rider.

You will also learn how to set up a Chuck Wagon and how to pack a pack horse.

The accommodations are wonderful, comfortable and luxurious. The food is delicious, made even more so by a long day in the saddle. The companionship between rider and horse is heightened by the experiences of the day.

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