Hunt Seat Training in Ireland

The Hunt Seat program combines all of these important elements: Excellent horses, hours of riding and training by expert instructors. Sue and Dan Foley are among the best instructors in Ireland. Dan has successfully brought on numerous young horses through the Show Jumping ranks to National level, as well as enjoying considerable success in the eventing field. Sue is an accomplished competitor and is a British Horse Society certified instructor. Sue is also a champion hunter competitor and has won at the famous Dublin Horse Show.

Sue and Dan run an intensive training program that accents individual attention and a relaxed atmosphere. Riders should expect to spend three hours or more each day riding on the flat and over the stadium, hunt, cross country and equitation fences and natural obstacles. In addition to your instruction, the five day program can include several hacks in the surrounding countryside to improve balance, pace control and eye for distances. Sue and Dan believe strongly that riding in a ring is just not enough to develop a capable and stylish rider.

An afternoon off is built into the schedule so you may have some time to yourself. Cross Country International, Corp. can advise you on a wide variety of things to do with your free time. There are local hunt kennels, tack shops, hunt clothes tailors, great pubs, historic sights, castles and some of the most beautiful country in the world.

Accommodations at the famous Dunraven Arms Hotel are comfortable and modern, with private bathrooms. The food is excellent. After several hours of riding each day, it will taste even better.

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