California's Northern Coast Trail Riding Vacation

The California Northern Coast Trail is a five-day, five-night ride. Located just one hour south from San Francisco, along the undisturbed California Coast. Discover the pace of nature on this horseback riding vacation. Long before maps and diaries were inked on Spanish galleons, the indigenous people, the Ohlones, sang the name of this place: “Dancing on the brink of the world.” Your host and horses are located on site at your picturesque seaside inn which overlooks a spectacular stretch of rugged bluffs surrounded by endless acres of wilderness, rolling coastal hills and secluded beaches. This offers a great base camp for the first half of your horseback trail ride vacation. The final day of riding will cross through backcountry wilderness over to a charming turn of the century Inn for your last night in a coastal town that still retains its 19th century atmosphere.

Nearly 400 years ago, Spanish maritime explorer Sebastian Vizcaino described this part of the coast as “swarming with wild, large seabeast, including otters, seals and whales.” On land, his expedition found an abundance of deer, foxes, bobcats and grizzly bears. Except for the grizzlies, all these other species still roam the trails you will explore while enjoying the comfort of the Tennessee Walking horse's unique “running walk” and “rocking chair canter.” The long, smooth stride covers an amazing amount of ground without expending a lot of energy. The Tennessee Walking horse is known for its gentle disposition and affectionate manner and riding one of these gaited horses will spoil you for the rest of your life.

You will ride through wilderness areas that are accessible to few travelers. The ride will traverse coastal grassland, seasonal wildflower filled meadows and stands of Redwood trees. You will cross creeks and encounter wildlife ranging from herons, hawks to deer and possible sightings of coyote and bobcats with the spectacular Pacific Ocean as your backdrop view. You will have ample opportunity for canters over the rolling coastal hills. After a full day of riding you can experience under the stars the warmth and relaxation of the “California outdoor hot tub” to sooth the muscles.

Other sightseeing excursions include the coastal towns of Pescadero, Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz to sightsee and shop for handcrafted gifts. Take a tour of Harley Farms, a local organic goat farm that produces excellent goat cheese and where you can make your own cheese to take home with you, or visit the local Bonny Doon Winery in the coastal hills nearby.

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