New Zealand 's South Pacific Beach Trail Riding Vacation

This trail takes riders along the South Pacific on New Zealand's east coast, past some of the finest beaches, rugged farm land and Maori tribal homeland. Nestled at the base of a prominent local landmark called 'Puketiti', amidst 90 acres of native and exotic forest is the Homestead at Puketiti Station, your home for the next 6 days. The Homestead is situated at the front of a historic 7000-acre sheep and cattle station that has prospered on the east coast for over 150 years. The station has been a family business since the original settlers arrived on the east coast and although the station is a modern day example of farming, and many of the pioneering buildings and machinery are still in use today offering a unique snapshot into the days of old.

The Homestead was built in 1908 but was added on to in later years. Many of the trees around the house were planted by the early pioneers and there are trees from all over the globe, including an impressive stand of Californian Redwoods. The house and surrounding gardens play host to a large number of native birds making the evening birdsong an event that you won't forget.

During your stay at Puketiti Station, you will experience the pioneering spirit that is locked up in this historic location and at the same time witness some of the most spectacular sights and scenes that the east coast has to offer. You will have the opportunity to be part of a modern day sheep and cattle station, capturing the day-to-day station life and see some of the best Stockmen on the coast at work.

You will also ride on some of the best local beaches that are not only world famous for their surf but also are rich with sea life. The beach rides along the shores of the Pacific Ocean will take you past some of the early settlements of what was once a thriving hub of the New Zealand lamb trade. This excursion will also take you past meeting houses or 'Marae that are still a corner stone of the local Maori culture.

As New Zealand is a young country, riders will be captivated by its natural beauty and rugged appearance, and have an appreciation of the remoteness that the local people of this area enjoy, making it the great place that it is today.

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