Ireland's Connemara Oceanside Trail

Connemara is the kind of place photographers love to shoot and where publishers make a steady business by publishing cocktail table books of its wild beauty and breath-taking scenery.

It is a beautiful untouched area dotted with quaint villages that seem like they haven't changed since the Nineteenth Century. The colors change all day long as the sun and the clouds compete for primacy. Fog rolls in frequently from the nearby Atlantic Ocean, Galway Bay or one of the other small bays giving the scenery a mysterious feel.

This horseback riding vacation is a delight for riders who want to gallop on beaches on a wonderful Irish horse, since beach riding is a frequent occurrence. You will stay in guesthouses along the way and enjoy true Irish hospitality. Just be prepared to be surprised with how much the Irish know about the United States. Everyone seems to have a relative living “in America” or has lived in the States themselves. But most of all, be prepared to fall in love with the wonderful Irish people.

If you have never ridden an Irish horse, you owe it to yourself to try it at least once. Their steady, kind disposition and strong frame makes for what many people consider the perfect modern sport horse. Ride all day through beautiful scenery and picturesque villages, have a good meal in a warm, friendly pub and then off to a comfortable bed to end the day content, exhausted and delighted. It is said that the Irish love three things in life, a pint in the pub, a good laugh and a good horse. On this horseback riding vacation, you can have all three.

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