New Zealand’s Beach Ride

Explore the South Pacific on New Zealand’s east coast. You’ll have the chance to ride through the surf on some of the finest beaches in the world. The friendly people of New Zealand as well as the aboriginal Maori welcome the chance to show you their countryside and their culture.

This area, on the North Island, gives you the perfect chance to explore the hills and wandering paths that continue for miles without spotting any civilization. You’ll feel yourself connected to the earth by the sheer beauty of the woodlands, the rolling fields and the soft, gentle waves that lap on the beaches.

During your week of riding, you’ll have the chance to see a modern day sheep and cattle station (New Zealand word for a large farm) and see some of the best Stockmen displaying their talent. On your beach riding days, you will pass by some of the earliest settlements in New Zealand along with some of the meeting houses or ‘Marae’ sites that are still the basis for Maori culture today.

You will truly enjoy the amazing way this country that appears so rugged and harsh while being lush with vegetation and wildlife embraces you. One of the special moments of your trip will be the chance to enjoy a traditional Hangi dinner, prepared in the Maori style.

Dates: September through April (all departures are 6 nights)

Rates: $1,680.00 USD per person sharing

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